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The social network that loves the home

Is the home your business?
Become a Homeworker.

Present your professional activity

Are you a designer, craftsman, contractor, venue owner or brand and home is your business? Register at Homelovin and present your services or products to a network of enthusiast users that is potentially interested in what you offer or sell

Display your products and services

Your Homeworker account works as an appealing and easy to manage website, packed with a photo-gallery, a blog and a Google map with your contact details. It will also be accessible to the public outside of this community, helping you be found in Google searches.

Get feedback and improve your business

There is nothing better than a satisfied customer who recommends your business to friends and relatives Homelovin enables you to get feedback from Homelovers and to be recommended by people you have worked with
Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising

Try Homelovin, it’s free for one month
7.50 €/month for the basic account
Register your business now!

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Your Homeworker account



Upload your logo or brand and present your skills, services and products. Choose the categories that best describe your business; these will help you to be found on the web.
With the basic account you can enter one primary and one secondary category.



Display your works, services or products with an appealing and easy to manage photo gallery.
With the basic account you can upload up to 8 photos



Manage your social interaction with the community. Talk to users and potential customers, give them information, read comments and earn feedback.
With the basic account you have no limits in publishing posts



Enter the main address of your business: it will be pinned on a map helping you to be easily found by interested users.
With the basic account you can indicate one address

Home is your passion? Become a Homelover

If you are not a company, you can sign up for a free account.

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