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How It Works

Homelovin is a web community where Homelovers and Homeworkers can interact with each other.


A Homelover is member with a great passion for home decoration, interior design and furniture.

Anyone can sign up for free and start to get inspired by homes, ideas and information from people with the same interests and tastes.

Homelovin - Screenshot: le ultime foto degli homelovers

Within a personal profile a member can share and comment on anything he or she loves or finds interesting, filling homelovin with new content: photos, videos, texts and links. He or she can also get in touch with professional members, look at their portfolios, get advice and eventually give them feedback or recommend them to others.

This word of mouth process can also be very useful for those who want to renovate their home and are looking for reliable contractors or service providers.

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A Homeworker is a member of Homelovin with a profession in the field of home design, decoration, construction/renovation or furnishing.

Any designer, craftsman, contractor, business owner or brand can sign up to introduce and represent his or her business, promoting services and skills and earning the feedback of the community.

Homelovin - Screenshot: profilo e portfolio di un homeworkers

Within a professional profile a member can easily manage and display a portfolio with a photo gallery and a description of works and products; he or she can blog to the community and be easily found by potential customers and other professionals.
This mini-website is also accessible from outside the network of Homelovin, enabling every professional to be found in Google searches.

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