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How does the free trial period work?

Once you have completed the registration process you can use your Homeworker account free for 30 days At the end of the free trial period your account is suspended and you can decide whether to confirm or disactivate it There is no obligation to confirm or make any payment

When do I pay?

You pay for your Homeworker account only if you decide to confirm it at the end of the free trial period You can pay with all major credit and prepay cards using Paypal

How much does it cost?

A basic account lasts one year and costs 7.50 €/month With this type of account you can add:
  • one address for your business;
  • one main category with a relative subcategory (e.g. Professionals and Consultants/Interior Design);
  • a portfolio with 8 photos.

Is it possible to add extra features?

Yes, you can add:
  • additional addresses at a cost of 1 €/month for each one;
  • different categories at a cost of 2 €/month for each one;
  • +6 photos at a cost of 0.50 €/month;
  • +12 photos at a cost of 1 €/month;
  • unlimited photos at a cost of 2 €/month;

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